As part of the Jus’ Caribbean Festival event a carefully crafted cooking contest will take place designed to pit the best Caribbean chefs against each other under near primitive conditions; and to provide an exciting activity that will appeal to foodies of all backgrounds while promoting authentic Caribbean cuisine. The date, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August 2017.

The Competition:Cook-Off Logo

  • The competition will take the format of a Mystery or Black Box where each team will be provided a Black Box with proteins and vegetables.
  • Participants will be restricted to the use of coal and diesel (No Petrol) outdoors
  • There will be 4 teams representing companies or organisations
  • Participants will be provided a marquee with a table and chairs and will be required to set up their own kitchen
  • Teams will consist of no more than 4 members
  • An open larder will be available for participants to select food items from
  • Teams are permitted to bring two (2) special ingredients to enhance their dishes
  • Teams may choose from a selection of plates for their presentations


Teams have one hour to present their Menu to judges

Teams have three hours to produce a starter, main and dessert


1st Prize – £1000.00 + Trophy

2nd Prize – £500.00 + Trophy

3rd Prize – £250.00 + Trophy

Celebrity Judges:

International actor Joseph Marcell (Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Othello etc), Baroness Roslyn Howells, Lady Colin Campbell and others to be confirmed

Media Support:

The Voice Newspaper, Jamaica Gleaner, BEN TV,, Simply Good Food TV, The Food Channel (TBC), BBC London Live (TBC), The Guardian (TBC) and more to be confirmed. 

Companies interested in sponsoring this event are invited to contact Craig Hartwell for a full sponsorship pack: email: or call 07515505750.


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