Elizabeth Mullings Smith brings science to the Food & Drink Conference

Caribbean Food and Drink 2015 is pleased to present Mrs Elizabeth Mullings Smith who will be on the panel of speakers at the Caribbean Food and Drink Conference, Friday 10th July 2015. Mrs Mullings Smith will speak on the topic, ‘Climate change – agriculture, food, recycling and waste management: Taking responsibility at the front end’.

Here’s Mrs Mullings Smith’s biography…

A hydrogeologist (groundwater engineer) by profession, Elizabeth has worked internationally in engineering, environment management and environmental forensics for the past 25 years; developing successful, sustainable outcomes in technically challenging circumstances internationally.

She has provided technical leadership, strategic thinking, and sound judgement for outcome optimisation regarding resource development.

She has experience in thematically identifying key issues, challenges and critical paths and in the management of technical sensitivities regarding environmental and social capital within financially constrained and complex contracts.

Renowned for her strong work ethic, clarity, process thinking and technical judgement, Elizabeth has provided advice at government and in the private sector in strategy development, business and project development, technical leadership, technical audit & change management, stakeholder engagement and high performance team development. She enjoys sharing knowledge and being a catalyst for change.

Elizabeth has a comprehensive experience and knowledge regarding the impact of climate change in the Caribbean and the competing demands of development, entrepreneurship, recycling and waste.

She will be sharing information on strategies that are applicable to the food and drink sector from material and product packaging to the constraints of waste management with an emphasis on creating a more responsible platform in the food and drink sector.

She will draw on examples of good resource responsibility both in the UK and in the Caribbean regarding the application of industrial ecology to product development, processing and distribution. Get your tickets for the Caribbean Food and Drink Conference below:



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