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African and Caribbean Cookbook 2: Tales and Recipes from the Motherland


We hope you’ll enjoy cooking and sampling these different recipes from parents living in the UK who link their favourite foods with happy memories of life back home in Africa or Caribbean Islands. Each person tells a tale about their recipe. Tales & Recipes from the Motherland Book 2 captures the spices and flavours of African and Caribbean dishes. Each recipe contains pictures with a step-by-step guide and you can have a go at preparing ETO from Ghana, Poisson Braisé from Ivory Coast, Dutty Girl from Jamaica, Nigerian Banga Soup, Fumbia from DR Congo, Saturday Soup from Barbados, Rice with Peanut Butter from Zimbabwe, Cameroon Pepper Soup or a typical Zambia family meal. Proceeds from sale of the books will go towards helping more African and Caribbean children with post 16 education into Universities.