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SENSATIONAL CUBA Scratch & Sniff Edition (Illustrated) – Read, Plan, Visit, & Cook: with tidbits, stories, and ethnic…


Like most baby boomers, I heard about Cuba in grade school when I was 10 years old. This destination book on Cuba gives you a view of Cuba based on the observations of a seasoned traveler and Travel Advisor. It is one of the most interesting and backward countries that I’ve ever been to. And I’ve been to over 56 countries on 6 continents including Antarctica. The Cuban cigars and rum, vintage cars and mystique of Cuba were reasons for my visit.A Non-Scratch N Sniff Edition – This book is and others in the series is broken up into four parts. It is not designed to be your traditional travel book that lists hotels, restaurants and places. It is a reference book, travel log and cook book rolled up into one book. There are Ah-Ha moments and trivia, stories and quick antidotes.SECTIONS -I. LEARN: There are over 100 pages of information on the history, places, people and things that will be of interest in Cuba. (More information below.)II. PLAN: (3 pages of internet links to a booking engine) Book your vacation or cruise directly online with the vendors approved by the Department of Treasury to offer travel options for Cuba. All US Citizens are required to work with an Educational Institution or Approved “People to People” Travel Agency, Tour Group or Cruise Line.III. VISIT: (Blank pages are provided for your vacation notes.) Visitors to Cuba are not allowed to go and sit on a beach for a week the way the Canadians and British have since the early 90’s. When the Federal Government eased restrictions on travel to Cuba, a set of rules were put in place for American Citizens. One was the requirement to document your visit if the tour group that you are with doesn’t. You can use this book as a journal. If asked, it can be used to show to the Department of Treasury if they ask you for information in the five years after you come back from your trip.IV. COOK: (30 pages of Authentic Cuban Recipes and 3 pages of Rum Recipes) One wish of many adventurous travelers who come back from a vacation to places like Cuba is the desire to cook their favorite meals that they had while away. This book lists the major meals that Cubans serve on a daily basis.IntroductionCuba FactsIs Cuba an economical destination?U.S. Citizen Travel to CubaArrival and Departure AdviceWhat to BringTravel InsuranceHealth and SafetyFree Health Care and PharmaciesIs it Safe?Best Time to VisitSpending money in CubaCadeca Exchange OfficesUse of Credit / Debit CardsTippingGifts and U.S. CustomsShoppingTravel by BusShared vintage Taxi CubaTransportation in CubaWorld Heritage Sites in CubaHavanaVedado and BeyondOld HavanaCentro HabanaThe Eastern BayFinca VigiaCayo Santa MariaSanta ClaraCayo CocoCamagüeyHolguínMayabeque and MatanzasGibaraBaracoaPlaya LargaCayo LargoCienfuegosTrinidadSantiago de CubaPinar del RíoGuantánamoWhy are paper bands on cigars?