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Traditional Jamaican Style Jerk Seasoning
A great taste from the Craibbean
Suitalbe for Vegeterians


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The Maroons, runaway slaves who escaped during the British Invasion in 1655 to the mountains of Jamaica, created jerk, the spicy yet sweet Smokey seasoning and cooking method. Wild boar was the usual target and once caught they would smother the pork with a mix of spices (the seasoning). They then slowly cooked the meat over a pit of smoking pimento wood and coals covering the cooking pits to minimize the possibility of smoke alerting the Invaders to their location (the method). Tropical Sun has devised its blend of jerk seasoning to bring you the traditional flavour and aroma that was achieved hundreds of years ago. At Tropical Sun we take pride in providing the very best products, finest quality at great affordable prices.

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Scallions, Hot Peppers, Salt, Black Pepper, Pimento, Nutmeg, Citric Acid, Sugar, Thyme.

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To get the heart and soul of Jamaica into your jerk cooking, slit the meat and rub in 2 tablespoons of our seasoning for every 500 g of chicken, meat or fish. Ideally marinate overnight before barbequing, grilling or slowly roasting. Then relax, eat and enjoy!

Box Contains

  • Each order comes with 6 x 280g jar of Tropical Sun Jerk Seasoning

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    Traditional Jamaican Style Jerk Seasoning
    A great taste from the Craibbean
    Suitalbe for Vegeterians
    A delicious addition to any meal
    New bigger jar so you never run out of this heavenly sauce

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